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Do the Ventura County Democrats represent your views? Really? Let’s find out…

If the local Democrat party leadership is any example…I hope not Earlier I told you about the Ventura County Democratic Party Executive Director Patrick Donahoe and his predilection for stalking candidates and their supporters. Okay, fine, dismiss it as party politics. … Continue reading

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No Uncertain Terms: Vote NO on Prop. 28, California’s anti-term limits SCAM

Another scam from California’s leftist Democrats. They hate being term-limited and having to actually look for work every few years; In 1990, California voters passed term limits on their legislators. As in other states, California politicians have been trying to … Continue reading

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If you are a Conservative woman, why do Democrats hate you?

On second thought, the “why” really isn’t important, is it? You are a threat to them and their pre-conceived notions of what a woman is supposed to be, whatever that even is this week. If you’re a woman today who … Continue reading

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