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Congressional race for 26th taking shape for primary election – Ventura County GOP close to an endorsement in CA-26

Four candidates are set to challenge Democrat Julia Brownley for the 26th Congressional District, three Republicans and one Independent: The Republican candidates include Assembly member Jeff Gorell (R-Camarillo); Rafael Dagnesses, a retired LAPD officer; and Tim Kalemkarian, a Moorpark resident. Douglas Kmiec, … Continue reading

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If you are a Conservative woman, why do Democrats hate you?

On second thought, the “why” really isn’t important, is it? You are a threat to them and their pre-conceived notions of what a woman is supposed to be, whatever that even is this week. If you’re a woman today who … Continue reading

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What happens when a state like California keeps voting for Democrats?

We’re about to find out It’s the same thing every year; California overspends, and Democrats blame the Republicans for wanting the state to cut its insane spending rather than just raising taxes and spending still more. The California Democrat majority, and … Continue reading

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Introducing John Boruff (R), Candidate for US Senate California

Featured candidate number two running against Dianne Feinstein from the GOP side is businessman John Boruff. No time spent in the military, but he was part owner of an auto repair and parts store at 23, in Oceanside, CA. This led to … Continue reading

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*SIGH* Bye Chuck

Well, it happened. Even the Chuck DeVore clan found greener pastures, throwing up their arms for a brighter future in another state; A proud new Texan by way of California’s high taxes and burdensome regulations. (Texas’ veterans’ plate is the … Continue reading

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The crowded Calif. GOP candidate field for US Senate

When I say “crowded” I mean crowded by one. See if you can guess who constitutes a crowd from this list. U.S. SENATOR: Dianne Feinstein (D)* – (Campaign Site) John Boruff (R) – Businessman Elizabeth Emken (R) – Financial Executive … Continue reading

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