The conservative losses in California in 2010, a year which raised and realized expectations across the nation, hit particularly hard with the CATCOT bunch; a group of people who love their country, are  convinced the nation is headed off a cliff, and believe there is limited time to turn things around. We watched as the “Conservative Tsunami” rolled from the East Coast across the Midwest Plains, rumbling ever closer to the Golden State – only to smack into the California border and wash out to the Gulf of Mexico. Or someplace.

So this blog went dark and we collectively went on to other things until the balloon went up and once again, for better or worse, we’re off again into the fray.

Any tips, submissions? Want to blog or cross-post your own California political stuff here? Contact Erick dot Brockway at Spamcop dot Net, and we’ll give it a look. We can’t do this alone, and we may not be able to do it together in this state, but we will try to the end.

The old #CATCOT site at ning.com is no more. Ning went to a paid site, and #CATCOT was erased forever. This is as close as I can come to a new site, we’ll see how it goes.

We have a steeper hill to climb than most other states in the Union, and have lots more to do. If the other states won’t learn from California what happens when you let the left take over everything, then it’s up to us to ‘splain it to them.

What we here would like to do is try to link as many California conservatives as we can, through Twitter using the #CATCOT hashtag. Anyone posting any link using that hashtag that we may feel is important to pass on to other conservatives in California will be considered for posting here. Doing that will make this blog a searchable database to come back to later if info on candidates or issues is needed.

If you feel you may have something to contribute, you can join our contributors by submitting your email address to erick dot brockway at spamcop dot net, or contact @hipEchick via Twitter.

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  1. Gary Julian says:

    Love your site. Ran into it by accident.

    Great minds think alike. I started my own California Blog last year.




  2. Let’s Finish what 2010 started.

    Regressive-Progressive Henry Waxman is running for reelection in the 33rd Congressional District.

    Check out and send out

    Waxman Watch


    End the reign of Waxman the Taxman November 6, 2012

    Bill Bloomfield for the 33rd!

  3. Hi,

    I like your article about The War on Plastic Bags. You might like to visit my blog at: http://fighttheplasticbagban.com. If you click on the “documents” menu item, there are lots of papers about various aspects of plastic bag ban, litter, landfill impacts, reusable bag ergonomic issues, reusable bag health hazards, a new welfare benefit, and much more. More papers are in the works and in various stages of completion.

    Also there are efforts by citizens to do the work to get an initiative on the ballot to overturn bag bans. Once that proves successful in a couple of places we expect that it will go like wildfire.

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