Congressional race for 26th taking shape for primary election – Ventura County GOP close to an endorsement in CA-26

Four candidates are set to challenge Democrat Julia Brownley for the 26th Congressional District, three Republicans and one Independent:

The Republican candidates include Assembly member Jeff Gorell (R-Camarillo); Rafael Dagnesses, a retired LAPD officer; and Tim Kalemkarian, a Moorpark resident.

Douglas Kmiec, a Pepperdine law professor and former U.S. ambassador to Malta, filed as an independent.

Kalemkarian is called a perpetual candidate by political pundits because he’s run several times since the mid-1990s to be a California senator and a U.S. president.

The local Ventura County GOP Chapter is set to vote to endorse a candidate on March 26 in Camarillo at its monthly meeting:

Each Republican candidate is invited to give a presentation to more than 30 members of the party. The endorsed candidate must have a two-thirds majority vote by its members.

Gorell’s campaign manager Adam Lotspike said Gorell likely won’t attend the meeting because the Legislature is in session that day.

He said Gorell may submit a letter for the endorsement, depending on the party’s rules.

Dagnesses said he will be at the meeting, seeking an endorsement that will provide name recognition and financial support from the party. It will be hard to win over the local party because he is a “nonestablishment candidate,” he said.

“We’re still going to present our case and have them understand that voters are asking for major changes in government from both parties,” Dagnesses said.

Although the local GOP chapter will endorse a candidate, the state Republican Party maintains a policy not to endorse candidates before the primaries.

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