Do the Ventura County Democrats represent your views? Really? Let’s find out…

If the local Democrat party leadership is any example…I hope not

Earlier I told you about the Ventura County Democratic Party Executive Director Patrick Donahoe and his predilection for stalking candidates and their supporters.

Okay, fine, dismiss it as party politics. Just the stuff they do to each other in an election year.

What about the day-to-day stuff? The basic things that make up their belief system? Does it jibe with yours?

On Twitter, the County Democrat Chairman, David Atkins, retweeted a tweet featuring an article he wrote about how the “rich” are bad people for saving their money in this troubled economy, and then jumped into thread with both feet (you can follow the convo down from this tweet). It’s interesting to watch the little group decide how they should first take, and then spend your money. Also note they never quite settle on the apparently arbitrary amount of money you need to make to be considered “rich”, but they do seem to agree taking 75% of your earnings is more than fair. Wonder if they include Al Gore, George Soros, and Bill Clinton in their definition of “rich”? Or their friends in Hollywood?

Atkins self-identifies as a “Market Socialist”, where doubtlessly in his model the government would own your wealth and businesses. That or a magical “co-op” would somehow seamlessly run your business and share your wealth and you’d (maybe) have access to what they believe you need based on the ‘tried and true’ Communist precept “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

Chairman Atkins was labeled a “Pariah” by some in his own party because of his elitist snobbery:

At first, Atkins seems to understand the task at hand for Democrats:-

Changing the system will come from voting people like Elizabeth Warren into office all across the country, proving that they can win using this sort of rhetoric, and then holding them accountable to their campaign promises.

Absolutely. I’ve always said that if you want a more liberal/progressive Presidential Administraton, the first order of the day is electing more progressive legislators.

But then, David O Atkins qualifies his message in a way that’s totally and unmitigatingly anti everything the Democratic party ever represented. (Again, the emphasis is mine, albeit the italics are the author’s).:-

And here’s the little secret the Democratic consultant class either doesn’t understand or willfully refuses to understand: this sort of rhetoric won’t just win in Massachusetts. It will win in Omaha, too. It will win the day from Annapolis to Anchorage, from Kalamazoo to Kailua-Kona.

Will there be places this message won’t win, and voters whose heartstrings it won’t touch? Yes, of course. Most of those places will be heavily rural or bastions of the Bible Belt and the Deep South.But those places were unwinnable and those people unreachable anyway without destroying everything the Democratic Party is supposed to stand for.

The amount of contortion necessary for Democrats to win in places Warren’s message won’t work means those places aren’t worth winning in the first place.

The Democratic Party would be far, far better off maximizing voter turnout in places where this message does work, than in weakening its message so much that its support becomes a mile wide but an inch deep.

Wow, good to know that I come from a place so stultifyingly stupid that my demographic simply isn’t worth the outreach. I take exception to that, but even more, I take exception to the fact that by reaching out to the rural South and its voters, this will destroy everything the Democratic Party represents.

I guess Chairman Atkins represents the Santa Monica Democrat model that incumbent Julia Brownley (D, House Dist. 26) brings us. But do they Ventura County?

Not so much…

There’s more! I really don’t feel like spending all of Father’s Day weekend on this clown, but he’s like a mudslide, the more you dig out, the more flows back into the hole you dig.

He thinks the people of Simi Valley are nothing but KKK members:

atkins2In 2011, his own party had to distance itself from him when he posted on Twitter that people in Simi Valley should “just put your white hoods on already” in response to some opposition to redistricting. He wrote that, “It’s so clear that most of these old white people from East Ventura are terribly afraid of brown people in Oxnard/LA.”

Remember, Atkins was upset that the Facebook likes are “not representative of the values held by most people in Simi Valley.”

But this is!

“…hardcore conservatives want nothing more than to use minorities for target practice.”

Keeping in mind the Democrats want to portray someone who believes in the US Constitution and freedom for people from excessive government as extremist, the word itself has been somewhat dumbed down, but this guy Atkins is supposedly the face of the Democrat party in a mostly conservative area and is the real deal. A leftist, and an extremist at that.

This is their County Chairman? These are the top people in the county party apparatus?

He sure doesn’t represent me nor anyone I know. Hopefully he doesn’t represent you.

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