Jeff Gorell (Candidate CA-26) and Tony Strickland (Candidate CA-25) formally endorsed by Ventura County GOP

The Ventura County Republican Party at their monthly Central Committee meeting officially voted and approved their endorsement list (which at this time hasn’t been released officially).


Former California Governor Pete Wilson [L], with Jeff Gorell and Tony Strickland

The two I know for sure about are Tony Strickland (Cand. CA-25) and Jeff Gorell (Cand. CA-26), both of which were endorsed formally by the local GOP as their candidates.

Strickland was given unanimous approval over Troy Castagna and California State Senator Steve Knight in a meeting that went from 7 PM to after 9 PM amid some technical issues surrounding Gorell’s absence at the meeting – he was required in Sacramento for budgetary matters in his capacity as Assemblyman and sent Terry Howard to speak in his stead. This was approved prior to the meeting, but some in attendance insisted the application be made on paper with a signature rather than by email as has normally been the case.

Eventually the meeting adjourned, and members were tired so I didn’t bug them for details or a complete list of endorsements, since everyone has day jobs it may take a day or two.

Gorell was endorsed as well, over the other prospect Rafael Dagnesses. Dagnesses (who did attend the meeting, and the speech he gave is embedded below) came out today firing two Facebook posts (here and here), both essentially accusing “the establishment” of putting “…an intense amount of pressure…” on him to back off. I’m assuming there are emails he’s not making public, as there is nothing public I’ve been able to find, and everyone appeared too tired last night to do much of anything but go home.

Here’s Rafael Dagnesses (candidates limited to 3 minutes, Dagnesses was allowed over four)

Following Rafael Dagnesses was Terry Howard (listed on his business card as “Ambassador” for the Gorell campaign). Video was cut short due to my forgetting to delete my music from my phone before starting recording – I ran out of room.

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