Jeff Gorell (Candidate CA-26) and Tony Strickland (Candidate CA-25) formally endorsed by Ventura County GOP

The Ventura County Republican Party at their monthly Central Committee meeting officially voted and approved their endorsement list (which at this time hasn’t been released officially).


Former California Governor Pete Wilson [L], with Jeff Gorell and Tony Strickland

The two I know for sure about are Tony Strickland (Cand. CA-25) and Jeff Gorell (Cand. CA-26), both of which were endorsed formally by the local GOP as their candidates.

Strickland was given unanimous approval over Troy Castagna and California State Senator Steve Knight in a meeting that went from 7 PM to after 9 PM amid some technical issues surrounding Gorell’s absence at the meeting – he was required in Sacramento for budgetary matters in his capacity as Assemblyman and sent Terry Howard to speak in his stead. This was approved prior to the meeting, but some in attendance insisted the application be made on paper with a signature rather than by email as has normally been the case.

Eventually the meeting adjourned, and members were tired so I didn’t bug them for details or a complete list of endorsements, since everyone has day jobs it may take a day or two.

Gorell was endorsed as well, over the other prospect Rafael Dagnesses. Dagnesses (who did attend the meeting, and the speech he gave is embedded below) came out today firing two Facebook posts (here and here), both essentially accusing “the establishment” of putting “…an intense amount of pressure…” on him to back off. I’m assuming there are emails he’s not making public, as there is nothing public I’ve been able to find, and everyone appeared too tired last night to do much of anything but go home.

Here’s Rafael Dagnesses (candidates limited to 3 minutes, Dagnesses was allowed over four)

Following Rafael Dagnesses was Terry Howard (listed on his business card as “Ambassador” for the Gorell campaign). Video was cut short due to my forgetting to delete my music from my phone before starting recording – I ran out of room.

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Congressional race for 26th taking shape for primary election – Ventura County GOP close to an endorsement in CA-26

Four candidates are set to challenge Democrat Julia Brownley for the 26th Congressional District, three Republicans and one Independent:

The Republican candidates include Assembly member Jeff Gorell (R-Camarillo); Rafael Dagnesses, a retired LAPD officer; and Tim Kalemkarian, a Moorpark resident.

Douglas Kmiec, a Pepperdine law professor and former U.S. ambassador to Malta, filed as an independent.

Kalemkarian is called a perpetual candidate by political pundits because he’s run several times since the mid-1990s to be a California senator and a U.S. president.

The local Ventura County GOP Chapter is set to vote to endorse a candidate on March 26 in Camarillo at its monthly meeting:

Each Republican candidate is invited to give a presentation to more than 30 members of the party. The endorsed candidate must have a two-thirds majority vote by its members.

Gorell’s campaign manager Adam Lotspike said Gorell likely won’t attend the meeting because the Legislature is in session that day.

He said Gorell may submit a letter for the endorsement, depending on the party’s rules.

Dagnesses said he will be at the meeting, seeking an endorsement that will provide name recognition and financial support from the party. It will be hard to win over the local party because he is a “nonestablishment candidate,” he said.

“We’re still going to present our case and have them understand that voters are asking for major changes in government from both parties,” Dagnesses said.

Although the local GOP chapter will endorse a candidate, the state Republican Party maintains a policy not to endorse candidates before the primaries.

Read more -via Moorpark Acorn.

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GOP has a REAL chance to pick up a House seat in California – Jeff Gorell vs Julia Brownley (CA-26)

Of all places…

2010 was a banner year for the GOP, as the grassroots grew in their direction and got them control of the House (they’ll never admit that the tea party delivered it for them…whatever). The “Conservative Tidal Wave” rolled across the country – and smacked into the Colorado River, bouncing off California.

Yeah, we know disappointment here.

For the 2012 races, it got worse. 13-term Republican Elton Gallegly retired which gave California Assemblywoman Julia Brownley a way into the newly redrawn 26th District.

In her time in the House, she’s managed to earn a Club for Growth score even lower than that of Nancy Pelosi, an “F” from the NRA, and a 100% from Planned Parenthood. In short, a California leftist.

Gorell-KabulVentura County, California has always been a more conservative area of So Cal, so it was a relief when Navy Reserve Commander Jeff Gorell, California Assemblyman from California’s 44th State Assembly district, decided to throw his hat into the ring.

Jeff Gorell’s bio can be found here and here, but the quick version is: he’s deployed to Afghanistan twice (in 2001 and again in 2011 – the second time as a sitting Assemblyman), he was a prosecutor with the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office, and he teaches public policy at California Lutheran University.

The NRCC polls released in the beginning of February showed Brownley as weak:

Brownley only registers 32 percent on whether she deserves reelection. While the president received 54 percent of the vote in 2012, his disapproval is now up at 52 percent. In fact, one of Brownley’s potential opponents, Republican Jeff Gorell, is already beating her in a head-to-head match-up: 44 to 42.

Julia Brownley, CA-26 (PVI, D+4)

Generic Ballot

GOP: 45%

Democrat: 42%

Jeff Gorell/Julia Brownley Head to Head

Gorell: 44%

Brownley: 42% 

Brownley Job Approval

Approve: 32%

Disapparove: 32%

Brownley Reelect

Deserves reelection: 32%

Someone else: 42%

Check and Balance

Republican check: 48%

Democrat ally: 42%

Obama Job Approval

Approve: 38%

Disapprove: 52%

Harper Polling; January 28-29, 2014; N=586; MOE +/- 4.05%         

Polls of course can end up anywhere in months or even weeks, and the June 3 Primary will come up fast in a state where few citizens pay attention to anything but reality shows and 6PM soundbites, but Assemblyman Gorell has what looks like an outstanding change to toss the incumbent Democrat Brownley and return Ventura County to pink from sky blue (doubtful we’ll see red in my lifetime, but anything can happen).

There are other challengers on the GOP side that I’ve seen, but none have any traction to date.

jgorellsacSo we have one truly viable candidate, Jeff Gorell, who fought not only crime but also in the war on terror. The incumbent fights in the war on jobs against people who need them, and votes consistently left: voted “No” on the Stop Targeting of Political Beliefs by the IRS Act of 2014 (likes citizens with the IRS boot on their necks, I guess), Voted “No” on H.R. 3964, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley Emergency Water Delivery Act (which passed despite her), you can go through the list, she’s leftist.

Gorell’s Assembly voting record shows him to be right of center, but not maybe as far-right as many would like. Even the “Ecovote” people give him a 38% rating, which from scanning thru their concerns seems he gives it a more common sense approach than they’d like.

Find out more here.

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Assembly District 73 – 2014’s Primary is a Year Away

AD73Well, just when you’ve recovered from the 2012 election, it’s about time to start studying for 2014.

Yep, I said it. The first election (*cough* primary *cough*) is June 3, 2014. That’s one year away (and not very long to build up your Twitter following, by the way).  The top two contestants (I mean candidates) will go to the final round in November.

Assembly District 73 looks pretty full already according to the post I read from “Around The Capitol.”

Of the five listed there, four are city council members.  This is a good reminder that we should pay attention to local politics.  Every vote counts in local elections and these people always seem to move up the food chain.

For example, Diane Harkey (termed out for AD73 but running for BOE, District 4), used to be my mayor (Dana Point).  She ran for Assembly after it was vacated by Mimi Walters (who was the mayor of Laguna Niguel and is now a State Senator).

I’m not sure what your deal breakers are but I am interested in someone who is a fiscal conservative.  After all, this is a person we’ll send to the California Legislature who, in my opinion, already overtaxes and overspends. Continue reading

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Bill Maher gets the bill for the government he voted for, now threatens to leave California


Liberal HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher says he may leave California, due to the state’s high tax rate.

“Liberals,” he said, during a recent broadcast,” you could actually lose me.”

He made the comments during a panel discussion of current Capitol Hill budget policy that included the participation of MSNBC Rachel Maddow, who blasted Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposal as beneficial to the rich.

“The Ryan budget is a document that says the big problems in American right now are that rich people do not have enough money. They need relief from confiscatory tax rate,” she said, Newsbusters reports.

Mr. Maher answered: “You know what? Rich people — I’m sure you’d agree with this — actually do pay the freight in this country.”

No kidding, Bill? Welcome to your California. Soon you’ll have no place to escape to when the bill comes.

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New laws California gets to deal with in 2013


Via Californiality

The State of California has many new laws for 2013, so what are the new California laws that everyone’s buzzing about?

Let’s see what is legal and illegal in 2013 while examining the very long list of new California laws signed by Governor Jerry Brown.

The following new California laws are effective on January 1, 2013 unless stated otherwise.

Read them all

h/t KFI

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Los Angeles! You voted for higher taxes? Guess what? They want more.

In the Nov. 6 election, LA voted to tax its “rich” friends and neighbors to pay for all the city’s overspending and wasteful ways:



Well that was just the rich. This is you:

The Los Angeles City Council agreed to place a half-cent sales tax hike on the March 5 ballot to avert new cuts in city services, drawing immediate opposition from critics in and outside city government.

Voters would decide the measure, which will boost collections by an estimated $215 million a year, on the same day they choose a new mayor. And there were signs the proposal already is influencing the race, which is expected to focus heavily on resolving the city’s chronic budget crisis.

Go ahead and vote for it. You know you want to. After all, you voted for “fairness” when it was someone else’s money. Be fair. Vote to give them yours, too.


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