Hypocrisy alert! SF Democrats fighting AGAINST the environment – when it affects THEM, that is

You know, it’s funny, San Francisco Democrats like Feinstein and Pelosi are all for economy-killing policies when their own constituents aren’t directly affected: all in the name of “Saving the Environment™.” President B. Hussein Obama has no problem killing job-saving bills that would bring water to California’s parched Central Valley if it saves an ecologically-challenged minnow at the expense of our nation’s fertile farmland, our food supply, and jobs.

Hetch Hetchy Valley before the flood (via Wikipedia)

Well the infamous San Francisco Dems Pelosi and Feinstein are currently blocking a plan to actually restore part of Yosemite National Park that was flooded by the construction of a dam back in 1923, providing not only water, but electricity to the city of San Francisco over 190 miles west.

On one side are Republican lawmakers and environmentalists, including Ronald Reagan’s former interior secretary, who want the dam removed and valley restored. On the other are Democratic San Franciscans, led by Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, fighting to hold onto the city’s famously pure drinking water in a drought-prone state.

“Eventually it will be broadly understood what an abomination a reservoir in a valley like Yosemite Valley really is,” Donald Hodel, the former interior chief, told The Associated Press. “I think it will be hard to quell this idea (of restoration). It is like ideas of freedom in a totalitarian regime. Once planted they are impossible to repress forever.”

Hetch Hetchy Valley today (same general area – via Wikipedia)

Over the past decade, studies by the state and others have shown it’s possible for San Francisco to continue collecting water from the Tuolumne River further downstream.

But the city never seriously has considered giving up its claim to the valley.

“This is a ridiculous idea,” Mayor Ed Lee said. “It’s a Trojan Horse for those that wish to have our public tricked into believing we have an adequate substitute for the Hetch Hetchy reservoir. We do not. There isn’t any.”

The gravity-fed system serves 7 percent of California’s population, city water officials say. Turbines from its dams generate hydroelectric power for city buildings, streetlights and traffic signals, the airport and the transit system. And two-thirds of the water from the system is sold to neighboring municipalities.

And this at a bargain! [Emphasis mine]

All of this for just $30,000 a year. That was the rent set by Congress when it passed the Raker Act in 1913, giving San Francisco exclusive control and use of the Hetch Hetchy valley, despite opposition by 200 newspapers across the country and after a week of contentious debate.

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Now here’s where it gets weird – I agree with the SF Democrats: keep the valley flooded and provide water and power to the people. The damage was done years ago and would cost billions to reverse.

And here’s where it gets impossible to conceive: that Democrats would learn from this and STFU when it comes to people needing water in other areas, like the Central Valley farmers. And since I’m dreaming here anyway, maybe they’ll rein in their EPA and stop them from destroying people’s lives?

No, they’ll never do that. The only thing for it is to cause the Democrat to become endangered and finally extinct.

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