Assembly District 73 – 2014’s Primary is a Year Away

AD73Well, just when you’ve recovered from the 2012 election, it’s about time to start studying for 2014.

Yep, I said it. The first election (*cough* primary *cough*) is June 3, 2014. That’s one year away (and not very long to build up your Twitter following, by the way).  The top two contestants (I mean candidates) will go to the final round in November.

Assembly District 73 looks pretty full already according to the post I read from “Around The Capitol.”

Of the five listed there, four are city council members.  This is a good reminder that we should pay attention to local politics.  Every vote counts in local elections and these people always seem to move up the food chain.

For example, Diane Harkey (termed out for AD73 but running for BOE, District 4), used to be my mayor (Dana Point).  She ran for Assembly after it was vacated by Mimi Walters (who was the mayor of Laguna Niguel and is now a State Senator).

I’m not sure what your deal breakers are but I am interested in someone who is a fiscal conservative.  After all, this is a person we’ll send to the California Legislature who, in my opinion, already overtaxes and overspends.

Although our current Assemblywoman has a social media presence, albiet a glorified RSS feed, I would like to see the next person reach out more on social media (40-18 year old demographic, hello?).

It’s my understanding, though I am no Ron Nehring by any stretch of the imagination, that this has been considered a safe Republican seat.  However, its boundaries were recently changed and although Diane Harkey won easily with 64.3% in 2012, I’m not sure it’s wise to underestimate the Latino vote that must have increased.  Only 41% of the registered voters in Orange County, in 2012, were Republicans (pdf here). That doesn’t sound “safe” to me.

I mean, I don’t know if a “Wendy La Wendy” song (hear about the song from McIntyre in the Morning here) in a converted ice-cream truck driving around neighborhoods is a good idea, but if Wendy Greuel does get elected as Los Angeles Mayor, it may be something to consider.  Yes, I know she’s a Democrat, but the song is clever. Just my two cents here.

My plan is to update the original post as I find any website or social links for the candidates and any of my commentary as I see fit.  So bookmark this page and leave a comment.  With five Republicans running and, frankly, I don’t pay as close attention to the School Board or the City of Rancho Santa Margarita, I’m curious about your input, too.

In Alphabetical order, the “Probable Candidates” according to Around the Capitol:

Steve Baric (Republican)

Councilmember, Rancho Santa Margarita

Website: None found as of 5/15/13

Facebook Page:


Bill Brough (Republican)

Councilmember, Dana Point


Facebook Page: As of 5/15/13 I can only find a Facebook Profile.

By the way, I don’t recommend this approach.  You should have  a Page so that your posts are public, can be indexed by Google (searchable), and so people don’t have to have a “friend request” approved before viewing your content.  Also, it’s easier for you or a staff member to manage and you can assign admins, etc.  More advice is “Open Letter to Politicians” post.


Since he’s on my city’s council, and I’m kind of annoyed (at best) about the single-use plastic bag ban (read more here about my thoughts), I’m glad to read he was a no vote (the sole no vote).

Anna Bryson (Republican)

Board Member, Capistrano Unified School District


Facebook Page: As of 5/15/13 I can only find a Facebook Profile.


Paul Glaab (Republican)

Councilmember, Laguna Niguel

Website: None found as of 5/15/13 and the link he has on his Twitter profile is broken.

Facebook Page: As of 5/15/13 I can only find a Facebook Profile.


Jesse Petrilla (Republican)

Councilmember, Rancho Santa Margarita


Facebook Page:  As of 5/15/13 I can only find a Facebook Profile.


He announced on Twitter 1/3/13 and I had a coming out party/fundraiser May 14, 2013.

Frankly, that adds points in my book.


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