‘Now let’s get back to work,’ Jeff Gorell says of return to Capitol

Jeff Gorell, the California Assemblyman recently returned from deployment in Afghanistan with the US Navy as a reservist, had few words on his return to his civilian job;

No flowery speech from Assemblyman Jeff Gorell today as he returned to the Capitol after a yearlong deployment to the war in Afghanistan.

After leading the Assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance, the Camarillo Republican was called upon to address his colleagues.

“Did I miss anything while I was gone? The Capitol press corps tells me no,” he quipped.

A framed photo of Gorell in military fatigues, signed by Assembly colleagues, had been presented to him earlier as a welcome-home gift.

“I get to come back to the best job in the world and to work with some of the best people in the world,” Gorell said.

“Now let’s get back to work.”

He spoke to KPCC’s Susanne Whatley earlier;

Lieutenant Commander and Assemblyman Jeff Gorell

[audio http://erickbrockway.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/california-assemblyman-returns-to-work-after-being-sent-to-afghanistan-89-3-kpcc2.mp3]

Lt. Cmdr. Jeff Gorell checked out from a year of active duty last Thursday, and checked in to his second job as a member of the State Assembly in Sacramento.

Gorell had been in office just three months before the U.S. Naval Reserve recalled the newfound legislator and dropped him in Camp Leatherneck in southwest Afghanistan.

“I found out shortly before the election,” said Gorell. “And told voters if I was elected, I’d have to spend over half of my term in Afghanistan.”

He still won by an overwhelming margin. The next three months were spent in a flurry of introducing legislation, assembling staff and establishing some form of policy agenda. Other legislators promised to help shepherd his proposed legislation while he was on duty.

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Welcome home, brother!

Lt. Cmdr. Jeff Gorell, before returning to become Assemblyman Gorell once again

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