Introducing John Boruff (R), Candidate for US Senate California

Featured candidate number two running against Dianne Feinstein from the GOP side is businessman John Boruff.

No time spent in the military, but he was part owner of an auto repair and parts store at 23, in Oceanside, CA. This led to a managerial position in 1984 at a bigger chain of parts stores (as yet I’ve been unable to identify), where he was made Vice President and GM, which ended up becoming an ownership position.

A Scoutmaster, he had three sons, two who became Eagle Scouts, and one son who served in the Army.

He’s been married for 33 years, has four grand kids, and lives in Ramona, Ca.

His full official bio is here.

Boruff spoke recently at a monthly Tea Party meeting at the So. Cal Tax Revolt (Tea Party) in San Diego, which in embedded below.

Of the two candidates we’ve recently introduced, both seem perfectly capable of representing conservative values in DC, so it may come down to who has the better funded campaign, and who can best appeal to the mostly crazed California voter.

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