Introducing Elizabeth Emken – GOP Candidate for US Senate in California

Well, as 2010 was Barbara Boxer’s turn to go, 2012 is time to give the boot to Dianne Feinstein (hopefully this time with better results).

Yesterday we introduced the crowd of hopefuls vying for the seat Feinstein now “Occupies,” but today we want to hone in on one in particular; Elizabeth Emken.

Emken is a UCLA grad (’84) with PoliSci and Economics degrees, after which she began working at IBM as an “efficiency and cost cutting expert”;

“I would do comparative analysis from one business unit to the next, and make accounting suggestions,” she explained, a skill that she hopes to apply to the federal government.

Fifteen years ago, she changed course and began lobbying on behalf of Autism Speaks, after her son was diagnosed with autism. After 8 years, she became Vice President of Government Relations. As a result, she’s very familiar with the ins and outs of the legislative process, having helped to push through legislation like the Children’s Health Act of 2000 and the Combating Autism Act of 2006.

But Emken argues she’s not just a lobbyist with an agenda.

“I think what makes these bill stand out is that in these bills I put accountability mechanisms… There’s a requirement of a strategic plan, there’s a requirement for a report to congress to mark the objectives, how we’re doing in terms of the strategic plans. And there’s also sunset provisions — it says, look you have to come back and justify why would we should continue funding these programs. These are elements that I believe should be encompassed in all types of legislation,” she explained.

More at The Daily Caller

Recently Elizabeth Emken was interviewed by Rick Amato (archived here) for his radio show, you can listen to the segment below (20 minutes).

While you’re listening, check out her site here, and her Wikipedia page here.

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  1. Nice piece on Elizabeth. I’m excited about her candidacy.

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    If you would like to speak with John Boruff, you can contact his media director at

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