Congratulations California! Remember November 2, 2010 when you had the chance to reverse this?

You didn’t, and now it’s coming to bite you

How does one begin to write about something the State of California did to itself without eliciting the normal response; “Awww, California should just sink into the ocean already haw haw! Waddya expect? Land of fruits ‘n nuts haw haw! Good riddance, I say haw haw!”

Out here on the left coast, we watched excitedly as the “Conservative Tidal Wave” rolled across the country, only to wake November 3 and see it had crashed into the eastern border and disappeared. Conservatives out here know dashed hope.

Well, on the November ballot was a Proposition 23, which would only have suspended the onerous AB-32 until things on the left coast could pick up a bit economically. Give us a chance to recover from the Obama “recovery”.

We on the right hammered the point home, Prop 23 could save jobs. AB-32 was based not only on the more familiar flawed science, but California came up with it’s OWN intentionally flawed data which should’ve opened the eyes to a public blinded by the media left. It didn’t; those same people were too busy with their lives to notice, and it wasn’t on the evening news, so…

I wrote how it was affecting me personally as my company was unable to hire anyone because the CARB rules made the future too uncertain. Job seekers walked away dejected, and we needed to hire someone, but not if we had to just lay them off in a few months.

Well, it’s certain now; California voters failed to pass Prop 23 by a rather large margin (a lot of the credit is due to the “Green Lobby” with its own vested interests engaging in a campaign of disinformation that the Yes on 23 people couldn’t afford to counter), and AB-32 and the California Air Resources Board (think EPA of the HARD hard left) are the destroyer moving in for the kill on what remains of the fragile and teetering economy here;

When Dwayne Whitney started his trucking business decades ago he had only one truck. Today he has eighteen and 20 employees. But that’s about to change.

“The State of California says my trucks are killing people,” says Whitney. “What do you say to that?”

In a few years, new air quality regulations approved by the California Air Resources Board will render Whitney’s entire fleet illegal.

“New CARB rules are putting me out of business,” he says.
Read the rest, it’s not long-

Then watch a very good video put out by, it makes me wish they had a cable channel.

Remember one thing before you trot off happily that it isn’t your state…yet. These same statists and tyrants are everywhere in federal government, like termites in a long-neglected house. You are next.

Get together, take over one party, and change it; we only have two years, after which things may be irreversible.

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  1. Love that picture of the windmill on fire. I have a friend who took a pic of a new lightbulb and it caught fire as well. The ballast started on fire. If she hadn’t been home, it may have burst and mercury would have been throughout the room, if not the whole house.

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