Boxer getting the benefit of press bias in her favor

Yeah, it’s something we have grown to live with in California. We quit taking the LA Times due to their leftist bias, starting watching Fox News because the network news leaned so far we had to watch it laying on our left side. So, yeah, the left has a choke hold on the news here.

PhotobucketHere it is again, to save Boxer’s bacon, via Neil Stevens;

Imagine if Sarah Palin promised reporters she’d take questions, then ran out from the event through the side door to avoid the questioning? Now imagine if Sharron Angle or Christine O’Donnell did it. The same shunned press would call them out for it and say they were fake or even avoiding accountability. Palin, of course, was accused of being entirely unqualified in part to avoiding high pressure press exposure, a charge Ginger Gibson is also leveling against O’Donnell.

Well, Babs Boxer has joined the club. I’m not expecting a rash of stories calling her an unqualified fake, seeking to avoid accountability for her 28 failed years in DC, though.

GayPatriot says it all, really:

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