Here’s another liberal hypocrite against Prop 23

It’s really not surprising there are bloviating liberals everywhere who think themselves above everyone else when it comes to “being green”; we saw Algore do it, even Obama when he was first immaculated to office told us all to turn our thermostats down to 68 while his was cranked to 85.

Now comes the latest jobs-denier global warming hypocrite, James Cameron;

The video above, by Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer, shows the hypocrisy of the “carbon-intensive” lifestyle of green proselytizer James Cameron. Cameron recently dropped a million dollars into the Prop 23 fight. As Ann points out at BigGovernment, Cameron isn’t the only Prop 23 opposition financier living large.

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Well, Prop 23 is losing at the moment, and it’s as critical to boost your support for it as it is to get conservatives elected. Prop 23 is the main target of environuts this year;

What happens when environmental fashion collides with a state’s desperate need for jobs and economic growth? That question will be put to the test when Californians vote November 2 on a ballot measure that would suspend the Golden State’s cap-and-trade law until its unemployment rate falls below 5.5%. Today the rate is 12.4%.

Proposition 23 is the number one national target of the green movement this election year. With the failure of cap and tax in Congress, the greens are trying to hold onto this remnant of their anticarbon crusade. Both sides are spending heavily, and the polls show a close vote.

California’s climate change law (known as AB 32) mandates a 30% cut in carbon emissions from cars, trucks, utilities, agriculture and other businesses by 2020, with a web of new taxes and regulations that take effect in 2012. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger sees AB 32 as his crowning achievement and is assailing supporters of Proposition 23 as “black oil hearts [who are] spending millions and millions of dollars” to promote their own “self-serving greed.”
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Arnold, an alleged “republican” [small “r”], has in fact become the enemy-in-chief of jobs growth, thinking California will suddenly all flock to unsightly “windmills” and prohibitively expensive solar panels to save our state. Not likely.

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