Why Prop 23 HAS to pass in California

The well-meaning liberals as well as the hard-core leftists who drive the liberal’s reasoning are out in mass of late pushing for a “No” vote by Californians on Proposition 23. What is their reasoning? Now that California has been forced to turn to “green technology” to power the engine of the economy (which technology still doesn’t exist in any economical form), there will be a huge prosperous increase in Green Jobs in the state as we Californians scramble to comply with the massive changes their mandates force on us. Proposition 23, which only seeks to push back the mandates until such time as this state has been able to sufficiently recover economically, they see as a threat to their ideology which is people last, planet first. No bending, no compromise.


It matters not at all what damage is wrought to people struggling in an already battered California economy, there’s always supposedly unending unemployment benefits and social programs to handle those who can’t find work and struggle to survive. The evil rich will be taxed more to pay for whatever their little heart’s desire; no problem.

Actually, there are problems with their reasoning, quite a few in fact.

The rich (in California that would be anyone making a little over $47k per year for tax purposes) are leaving the state for saner pastures in other states without insane environmental legislation. Business owners are cashing out in record numbers and relocating just to survive as the leftists running the state legislature find any excuse to hammer them harder to pay for their pet programs; programs they refuse to roll back.

In the three weeks since my last tally, I’ve learned about another 14 companies that have left California completely or re-directed capital to build facilities out of state. The names of the 14 and justifications for listing them appear below. Today’s entry builds upon the Sept. 21 entry 144 Companies Shrink from Calif. This Year – Three Times the Total for All of 2009.

In short:
Total for 9-1/2 months of 2010: 158
Total for all of 2009: 51

Five enterprises represent the type of operations coveted by many California politicians — “green” companies — namely DayStar Technologies, Vetrazzo, SMA America LLC, Enfinity Corp., and Power-One. Those companies have opted for Georgia, Arizona, Colorado and an apparently as-yet-undetermined “overseas location.” More-

Sooner or later, they will run out of other people’s money. All the “well-meaning” liberal types who believe the class warfare talking points about making the rich “pay their fair share” will find out they’re out of targets. The leftists who fooled them to begin with will want their money next, that’s all that’ll be left.

Passing Proposition 23 will roll back AB-32 and merely postpone its destructive impact on the California jobs market and economy as a whole; it won’t stop AB-32 from eventually kicking in full force once the economy turns around. Who could argue with that but someone completely out of touch with the real working world?

If you’re a small business person you can see nearly exactly what failing to pass Prop 23 will cost you, check out the calculator here.

In these last few days before November 2, the opposition to Prop 23 is gearing up with a potential $5 million infusion of cash and a lot of propaganda to dissuade voters from voting for the prop, while those supporting the prop are finding themselves hamstrung by an Alinskyite attack on their sources of funding. We are all there is to get the word out.

Go here and see what you can do, we have to push this back.

17 days left.


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