Mike Berryhill (Cand CA-18) won’t vote to kill farms like Dennis Cardoza

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Water is a scarce commodity in California; it takes prudent, realistic management to ensure everybody gets what they need to survive, and maintain business so people can work and prosper. One party, however, puts people last always, and so they did with the Delta Smelt fiasco where the leftist environmentalists that rule the Democrat Party in California simply shut off the pumps sending vital water to the Central Valley farms so that little fish wouldn’t get sucked in. Fish first, people last.

Dennis Cardoza

Dennis Cardoza (D CA-18)

Repeatedly, local farmers cried out to their representatives to get DC to turn the water back on so they could irrigate their farms. Representatives like Dennis Cardoza not only ignored his constituents, but worked against them, it seems;

One Valley Congressman, Devin Nunes, has repeatedly introduced legislation to protect the valley and the United States domestic food supply. Nune’s Legislation is nearly identical to legislation passed into law by Congress to benefit Albuquerque, New Mexico residents. Unfortunately he has been stopped by some of the same politicians who voted for the New Mexico water Legislation in 2003.

Valley & California Congressional Representatives are not united, as some have voted against Legislation that would solve the valley water crisis. The efforts to restore our water deliveries continue to be blocked by partisan politics in Congress, more surprisingly even by our local valley Congressmen Jim Costa and Dennis Cardoza.

Our two local Valley Congressional Representatives may deny the charge, but the facts speak for themselves. On July 14, 2009, Congressman Cardoza voted against three different amendments that would have turned on the delta pumps and restore water deliveries to the Central Valley.
Bay area Congressional Representatives Nancy Pelosi, George Miller, Sam Farr, Mike Honda, and Mike Thompson, all voted for the New Mexico water legislation in 2003. Now in 2009 they have basically declared war against California Central Valley farms and cities by testifying & voting against the Nune’s legislation that would restore our water deliveries.

Then on July 23, 2009 both Congressman Jim Costa and Dennis Cardoza voted against legislation that would have allowed Congress to immediately consider legislation to turn the delta water pumps on and keep them on. Despite being Co-sponsors of the legislation they voted against the Bill.

I guess Costa and Cardoza can continue issuing press releases claiming they Co-Sponsored legislation to turn the pumps on. But, will they tell people they voted against the Legislation they Co-sponsored?

By voting against the Legislation, Costa and Cardoza voted against the best interest of valley residents and have assisted Bay Area politicians who want our water, Nancy Pelosi, George Miller, Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer.

Instead of staying in Washington to solve the water crisis Costa and Cardoza decided to let Valley residents continue to suffer while they went on their summer vacation.

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You’ve met the problem, now meet the solution; Mike Berryhill;

Mike Berryhill was born and raised in California’s 18th Congressional District on the family ranch just south of Ceres.  Berryhill attended Ceres High School where he was an avid sportsman and student body president before receiving his diploma signed by his dad who was then serving on the board of education.  A dedicated student, Berryhill went on to graduate with distinction from Arizona State University and obtain a Masters in Business Administration from Northwestern University.  During his time at Arizona State, Berryhill met Francesca (Fran) Lawson and shortly after graduation they were married at her family’s home in Naples Florida.

In 1970, Mike and Fran returned to the family ranch in Ceres where Mike joined his dad in working on and managing their 200 acre wine grape operation. Berryhill became active in the Stanislaus County Farm Bureau and would later serve as President of Young Farmers and Ranchers of California. In 1973, Berryhill once again followed in his father’s footsteps and was elected to the Ceres School Board. In 2005, Berryhill Elementary School was named in honor of 3 generations of the Berryhill family who served on the Ceres School Board.

In 1983 Mike Berryhill was appointed to an open seat on the Turlock Irrigation District Board and the following year the people elected him to a full term. Berryhill’s 26 years of experience as a TID Board member have given him a strong understanding of the water issues facing our state and he is an advocate for increased water storage.

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Also read where Mike stands on the issues, then help Mike beat Cardoza and Turn the Water On!

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