Vets 4 congress Event

By guest blogger Mike Perez

The event was organized by the political action committee Combat Veterans for Congress to publicize former combat veterans running for Congress in the Nov. 2 election.

Tickets cost at least $300 a person, and about 500 people were expected to be at the event, called “Patriotic Gala.”

I was fortunate enough to win a ticket from the Rick Amato Radio Show in San Diego Ca. So you can imagine the excitement I was feeling up to the event. Well I’m on my way I see the sign telling me I have 35 miles to go and my car service engine light goes on & off goes the car.

I couldn’t believe what was happening was I going to miss the event. Well the first thing I did after pulling to the side and checking the car was to tweet of what had happened. My car just died on the way to event & who other than an awesome Marine Roger Loiselle ( @loiseller ) that I had met a week before in Temecula at an event that was MC’d by Rick Amato @amatotalk replies and asks “Where you at?” I replied “Oceanside,” He said “I live in Oceanside need a ride?”

I couldn’t believe it! Thanks to twitter and a great man that was going to pick me up, I wasn’t going to miss the event after all. He was going to the same event what were the chances! Well I’m really glad I made it because it was truly a great experience.

PhotobucketI took a lot of pictures, and everyone spoke with so much conviction, passion & from the heart (no teleprompter). Sarah Palin just really raised the roof of the place to get it started & introduced Joe Miller who also had a great message. All the Vets were awesome. One that really stood out for me was Nick Popaditch from the 51st dist he was on fire; talk about passion & of course he was from CA.

I really was honored to attend such a great event with our Heroes & Patriots & was truly blessed to of been rescued by a friend a Marine a Vet I met on twitter Thank you Roger very grateful that you got me to a very special event as our country needs men & women like those that were at this event that still believe in Honor, Courage, & Character & Defending their Country

Via AM 600 KOGO –

Security was tight as the former Republican vice-presidential candidate spoke to a political fundraiser sponsored by Combat Veterans for Congress Saturday night.

On the eve of a major Tea Party event in Oceanside Sunday and amid tight security after a reported death threat, Palin spoke at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina on Harbor Island. A Tea Party movement favorite, Palin delivered a fiery speech to the crowd and introduced her fellow Alaskan, Republican Senate and Tea Party candidate Joe Miller at the event.

Palin said the “…lamestream media just doesn’t get it and when they don’t believe what perhaps your message is so they want to belittle you and mock you and treat you with much disdain, you know, I think, well they can do that to me, that’s fine, because I know the truth.” Palin added, “You know what, you can say whatever you want to say about me but I raised a combat vet and you can’t take that away from me.”

Among the local congressional candidates attending were combat veterans Republican congressman Duncan Hunter and Republican congressional candidates Nick Popaditch, who is running in the 51st District, along with Michael Crimmins, who is running in the 53rd district.

The Union Tribune reported there had been a threat made against Palin’s life before the event which caused organizers to increase their focus on security. At a news conference, Combat Veterans for Congress Chairman Joseph John said the group was “very concerned about her security.” Sheraton hotel manager Warren Nocon said the hotel had already planned to have a security presence at the event.

More photos from Mike here.

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