SEIU dumps $5 million in campaign against Whitman

Now starts the big push in the final days. If you don’t want Brown back, push back

h/t Labor Union Report

Via Jeff Simon;

The Service Employees International Union is out with a new television ad in California hitting GOP gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman for paying an undocumented immigrant to be her housekeeper.”Whitman attacks undocumented workers to win votes, but an undocumented woman worked in her home for nine years,” the narrator of the ad says in Spanish.

The ad comes one day after the housekeeper held a press conference during which she alleged that she had been “exploited, disrespected, humiliated and emotionally and financially abused” by the former eBay CEO.

“Whitman says one thing in Spanish – and something different in English,” the ad concludes. “The real Meg Whitman has no shame. She’s a two-faced woman.”

The SEIU said the ad will air on Spanish language stations in the Los Angeles and Fresno media markets beginning Saturday. It is part of a $5 million ad campaign launched by the organization to turn out Latino voters for Whitman’s opponent, Democratic nominee Jerry Brown.

Whitman responded to the ad during a press conference on Thursday, saying the unions are “worried” about her success with Latino voters.

“Jerry Brown is very concerned because my campaign is doing very well with Latinos,” she said.


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