Democrat Jane Harman Profits From Firm Outsourcing California Jobs Overseas

And you wonder how Harman escapes being called one of the “Evil Rich” by her leftist pals…

Jane Harman

"You! You don't work here anymore! Get out!"

Via Robert Stacy McCain at American Spectator;

California Democrat Rep. Jane Harman’s family business is laying off American workers – including engineering employees in California – and shifting jobs overseas.

A letter from the human resources director of one Harman company, obtained exclusively by The American Spectator, describes a “permanent” layoff of dozens of California workers that went into effect last week.

“I am writing to inform you that Harman Consumer, Inc. has decided to consolidate their global engineering operations located at 8500 Balboa Boulevard, Northridge, California 91329, to Shenzhen, China,” Sandra Buchanan wrote in the letter dated July 20. “The separation is expected to be on September 30, 2010 and will affect forty-eight (48) employees. . . . The layoffs are expected to be permanent . . . .”

Harman is the third-richest member of Congress, and her net worth increased last year $40 million, according to a study of Federal Election Commission records conducted by The Hill newspaper. Her husband, Sidney Harman, founded Harman International Industries, which was valued in 2007 at about $8 billion.


…Oh yeah! She’s a Democrat! It’s okay when they kill jobs…babies…etc…

After you read the rest of the post above, help her replacement Mattie Fein take Jane’s seat away.

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