Tunneling beneath Gloria Allred’s smear of Meg Whitman

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Hmm, how many poor illegal alien housekeepers possibly guilty of fraud end up with such a prominent Leftist attorney? He represented Nasir Ali Mubarak and looks to have been part of Lynne Stewart’s defense team. See below. Gloria Allred named Mark Van Der Hout as Diaz’s immigration lawyer on the Mark Levin Show tonight.

Mark Van der Hout’s political activism goes back years, this from 2004:

So far, immigrant Muslims and those from the Middle East and Central Asia have suffered the brunt of the Bush administration’s attacks on civil liberties. But as NLG immigration attorney Mark Van Der Hout told me, “Going after immigrants is just the first step towards going after U.S. citizens.” Indeed, a look at the past three years shows thatAttorney General John Ashcroft’s offensive has widened to include a range of citizens whose only real crime is their opposition to the Bush administration’s policies.

He’s considered a prominent national attorney with the National Lawyer’s Guild. He’s argued on Consular Absolutism before the 9th Circuit. Mark Van der Hout with Center for Human Rights.

He was part of Lynne Stewart’s defense team. Another Van der Hout client:

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