Corruptocrat Maxine Waters

Bruce Brown talks about his opponent, the ethically-challenged Maxine Waters.  I strongly encourage you to listen as you may hear things about Maxine that you previously didn’t know.  This discussion underscores the importance of this seat for everyone, whether you live in California or not.  We need to end this type of corruption that the Democrat leaders in Congress continue to ignore.

Today, October 5th, Bruce Brown will be broadcasting an important 20 minute speech live at 6pm PST and again at 7:30pm PST.  The link to catch this live-streaming speech is:

You can donate to Bruce’s campaign here:

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3 Responses to Corruptocrat Maxine Waters

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  2. I agree totally. And now with her House Ethics Committee trial set for November 27, 25 days after the election, I hope that the new FDIC information about possible corruption there will be unearthed quickly. Bruce Brown is a good, honest man and after what I have been seeking for the past 22 years in the CA 35th District, we urgently need change.

  3. G.M. Chiapelli says:

    I agree totally! Maxine Waters has done NOTHING for the people in our 35th District — she’s GOT TO GO! –the most corrupt & vulgar congressional rep of all time! —-Time for change!!

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