“There is a HUNGER for the American Dream”

This is Bruce Brown talking about the minorities in California’s 35th Congressional District which encompasses parts of South Central Los Angeles.  He states in this video that the stereotypes most of us have are wrong and the people there are tired of government cheese being the answer. 

Two years ago, Bruce quit his job and gave up life as he knew it to take the principles of the American Dream to the minorities in this district.  He knows the people in this district better than anyone else as he’s been pounding these streets and working gang intervention for the past two years.  Bruce Brown walks the talk and is unlike any other politician you’ve ever met.  He truly cares about the people in his district.

He’s running against Maxine Waters.  Inglewood is the largest city in this district and per his internal polls, 52% of the Democrats do not support Maxine Waters.  Bruce Brown can win this district with our help.

You can donate to Bruce Brown’s campaign here:  http://www.bbrownforcongress.com/contribute.html

Information to phone bank for Bruce Brown anywhere in the U.S.:  http://www.bbrownforcongress.com/contact.html

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2 Responses to “There is a HUNGER for the American Dream”

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  2. Bruce Brown is an honest, sincere person who loves his country and treasures its Constitution. Let’s hope the people in his district realize that the incumbent is leading many of the poor who live there into 100% hopelessness. And for those like me who have lived in the district, I have never seen her or heard her speak in the western area, but I can tell you I have felt over-taxed and under-represented for 20 years, coinciding with when Maxine Waters first took office. Besides, her persistence alignment with corrupt practics is known throughout the country, and when I travel, I tire of hearing people tell me she should be voted out. )My response has always been – “She should be and she will be when a serious challenger emerges.”) Now someone has. So for those reading this — go to brucebrowncampaignupdates.com then send him financial support, then vote for him November 2. He reminds me of Jimmy Stewart in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” but our district isn’t Hollywood, it’s reality.

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