National City Super Walk for Gunny Nick @Popaditch ! #CA51 #catcot

Nearly 100 yard signs were placed in National City on Saturday ! Pls join us today for another Super Walk!

The Gunny Corps Team will meet at Kimball Park .  Please meet  on the library side of the park at 14th Street off National City Blvd National City, CA.

Morning and afternoon shifts available (9:30am and 1:00pm), refreshments are provided. Please call our ground team leader at 619-931-9368 to RSVP.  Semper Fi!

When elected, Nick will fight for secure borders, a strong national defense and more jobs in the 51st!

Please read more about Nick Popaditch at :

Can’t vote vote for the Gunny? He will vote for you! Please contribute here :

We know times are tough but you would be amazed at how quickly every $10 donation adds up! This is a MUST WIN in CA. and we can do it, with your help.  Thank you and Semper Fidelis!

This former Marine Tank Commander is also known as “The Cigar Marine” from the AP photo (April 2003) on major front page newspapers in the U.S. of the historic event that truly symbolized the liberation of Baghdad as the 1st Tank Battalion Marines pulled down a statue of Saddam Hussein.

“Gunny Pop” was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry for his actions on April 6 and 7, 2004, while commanding a tank in Fallujah, Iraq and was also awarded the Purple Heart.   Nick was medically retired from the Marines in 2005 at the rank of Gunnery Sergeant from wounds sustained in combat in the battle of Fallujah.

He is the author of Once A Marine an Iraq War Tank Commander’s Inspirational Memoir of Combat, Courage, and Recovery. The book holds an honored spot on the United States Marine Corps Professional Reading program, also known as the Commandant’s reading list. Marine Corps University recommends Once A Marine for every rank from Private to General.You can order your signed copy of “Once A Marine” here :

ALL elections are National. Let’s Flip This House!

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2 Responses to National City Super Walk for Gunny Nick @Popaditch ! #CA51 #catcot

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  2. Ted Savas says:

    Thanks for posting this about Nick “Gunny Pop” Popaditch.

    PS. Although the media is ignoring this race, Filner is not. Word is that he and his staff are VERY worried. I think his internal polling is keeping him up at night.

    You DO NOT need to live in Gunny’s district to help Nick Popaditch win. Here is how you can help (I am copying some of this from a fellow poster on another blog; he or she captured it spot on):

    ** If you live in the 51st District in California: Call his campaign office ( and get a sign for your yard, a bumper sticker, and ask your neighbors and co-workers to do the same. DO IT TODAY.

    ** WHO TO ENCOURAGE: Don’t waste time talking to those who are firm Leftocrats. Talk to people who DO NOT usually vote and the independents. TURN THEM OUT TO VOTE. This is also where races are won and lost.

    ** TALK to your neighbors. Get them involved. Tell them why Nick needs to win and why it is important for your district.

    ** EMAIL this video clip/page link to your entire email database, and ask them to send Nick ten bucks.

    ** Host a house party and invite Nick. Yes, HE WILL COME.

    ** Call everyone you know–EVERYONE–and make sure they are registered, and then organize RIDES TO THE POLLS. This is important regardless of where you live. REALLY important. This wins elections, folks. Do this wherever you live for the Republican candidate in your district.

    ** Call family and friends who live OUT of the district and ask them to send $5.00, $10.00 . . . $100.00 . … ANYTHING they can to Nick. They can still help him win.

    Finally, if you want to learn about Nick and his family, read his book ONCE A MARINE. ( Buy it new, buy it used, get it at the library, order it from us-–I don’t care where you get it. Just READ IT. Send copies to friends and ask them to pass it around. It will answer all your questions about this man and his character.

    Let’s take back our country. We can do this, but only if we all work together and support Nick with money and turnout.


    ** Disclaimer: I am the publisher of his book “Once a Marine,” and since that time have become a good friend of the Popaditch family. I am proud to be able to say that, and proud to be working for his election to Congress.

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