Mark Levin destroys Gloria Allred re: “The Abused Housekeeper” of Meg Whitman


Allred at DNC Convention-No bias here

Gloria Allred, the “Media Whore” who shows up whenever there’s a woman involved in anything news-worthy, inserted herself in the California Governor’s race the other day, which was covered by Allahpundit here so I’m spared a recap.

Excuse me, but the “Abused Housekeeper” was paid $23/hr to do errands and housekeeping. Anyone saying she’s “abused” with a straight face is a hack and an idiot.

Interesting to me in all this was Allred consented to go on the Mark Levin Radio Show, where she ultimately tipped her hand; this isn’t about “poor abused Nikki”, it’s about politics and pulling another October Surprise (in September this time), similar to the one Allred pulled on Ah-nold;

This is not the first time Allred has injected herself into a campaign in the closing days. In 2003, a former stuntwoman hired Allred to pursue claims of sexual assault and defamation against now-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. That suit was dismissed.

I say Allred “tipped her hand”, because at the end of the interview she did with Levin, she said this;

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“If Meg Whitman lied to the public, should she be Governor of California?”

Sorry, Gloria? I thought this was about “the Nikkis”.

You hack.

Full Levin interview below or at Mark Levin’s website.

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8 Responses to Mark Levin destroys Gloria Allred re: “The Abused Housekeeper” of Meg Whitman

  1. maliheh says:

    Whitman exploited a worker, believing she had every right to do exactly that. When she couldn’t exploit her any more, she brutally cut her off. When this was exposed, she first lied about it, hoping the media would cover for her. Then she started changing her story, again hoping the media would play along.

    All in order to continue to appease her right-wing base with anti-immigrant politics.

    I am not yet convinced this will be the end of Whitman’s hopes for becoming governor. There’s still 4 weeks left, and she has a LOT of money left to spend. But this shows us the real Meg Whitman, and it confirms all the concerns and worries that voters already have had, that had earned Whitman a 50% disapproval rating even before anyone heard of Nicky Diaz Santillan.- i live in california and will be voting for brown

    • Exploited how? By paying her $23/hr? EVIL!!!11!!
      Ms. Nikki had it easy, you calling it “exploitation” is hackery in itself.
      I’m not thrilled with Whitman, but Brown if he wins will be the Obama to California’s government, and we’ll start our death spiral shortly thereafter. You can’t have the left in charge of the legislature AND the Governor’s mansion.
      You know, the more times I ready your post, the more I’m convinced you are clueless. Totally. Completely. Clueless.

    • Dienekes says:

      Why isn’t anyone focused on the fact that this woman allegedly forged her documents?

  2. maliheh says:

    mark levin is a far right conservative hack and a racist bigot

    • Far right? Definitely. Racist? Care to elaborate? Exactly how is Mark Levin a racist? Or is that just more unsubstantiated left-wing BS?
      Silly question, huh? Of course it’s unsubstantiated leftist BS.

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