Greta Van Susteren destroys Gloria Allred on FNC re: Meg Whitman and “NikkiGate”

I LIKE the “____ destroys Gloria Allred” theme, can you tell?

Gloria is such a hack;

This is just an awesome smackdown.


Greta before the show posted this;

I like Gloria… but this time ? She has gone way off the deep end….including calling Meg Whitman a liar.

Am I wrong?

[By the way, Gloria Allred will be ON THE RECORD at 10pm tonight.  Tune in and watch!]

Below (first still pic) is what Gloria Allred thinks is the “smoking gun” in the Meg Whitman/illegal housekeeper story…..I agree with Gloria that it could be the “smoking gun” but draw a completely different conclusion.  I don’t know how Gloria arrives at her conclusion.    It hurts her client, it does not help.

On the letter (see pic below) Meg Whitman’s husband writes “Nicky[the housekeeper], please check on this.” I conclude from this handwritten note by the husband that he and his wife, Meg Whitman, did not have a clue there was a problem (check on this?) and referred it to the housekeeper to figure it out as she is the one with knowledge.  I suspect the issue was ignored by the housekeeper and that for the busy couple the matter then got lost in the shuffle.  I don’t see an INTENT to evade or avoid the law.

And here is another thing: the letter has THE HUSBAND’s handwriting on it.  The husband is not running for Governor.  Meg Whitman’s handwriting is not on it.  Is there any information to suggest that Meg Whitman knew about it?  You can’t just assign this to her.

Gloria goes way out on this one (watch video)…calling Meg Whitman a liar and her client (who was and may still be illegally in this country) the Rosa Parks of Latinos. [By the way, I would not loosely throw around the Rosa Parks reference as Gloria does at the end of this video.  Rosa Parks was a hero….there are few – almost none – in history that have been so heroic as Rosa Parks.]

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