Message for Meg Whitman: Go on Offense. Now.

When ambushed, attack into the ambush

Via Martin Knight;

The best way past a “scandal” for a Republican is through it. Take a day or two – no more, no less – to think it through, find a line of attack and go on offense. If George Allen had done that instead of trying to plead, ignore and then cower his way past the “macaca” incident, we’d not have the tragedy of both Senators from the Commonwealth of Virginia being Democrats.

On the latest so-called “scandal!” and “controversy” that has all the political talking heads in California running around screaming at the top of their lungs i.e. Meg Whitman’s illegal alien former housekeeper; if I were advising Whitman I’d tell her, apart from her offer to take a polygraph test, to call a Press Conference, and go on offense. I’d tell her to pound on the following points;

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