“You May Not Be Able to Vote For Me, But I Can Vote For You!”

Bruce Brown, the candidate running against Maxine Waters, will be live streaming a Telethon Money Bomb today, Wednesday 9/29 from 5pm-7pm Pacific time.  Listen to hear him discuss conservatism, working with gangs in LA’s inner cities and how he can defeat Maxine Waters. 

The live stream link is: http://ustre.am/ogb0    Once you click on the link, click on “chat” (right side of page next to “social stream”) and sign in. Then, you can type your questions in the chat box for Bruce Brown to see and answer.

We encourage everyone to give $10 or $20 to help defeat Maxine!

Click to donate here:  http://www.bbrownforcongress.com/contribute.html

Bruce Brown on Twitter:  @bbrown4congress

FB:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bruce-Brown-for-Congress/123623887683824?v=wall

For more information on Bruce Brown, see prior posts here:

Grassroots Defeat of Maxine Waters


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