There’s Hope for California Yet!

Meet Alvaro Day running in California’s Assembly District 44

Meet Alvaro Day. He’s what California needs a whole lot more of, young, bright, and conservative! From Alvaro’s Campaign webpage

At the age of 11, Alvaro arrived in the United States with his mother to start a new life. His first obstacle was learning the English language. With great dedication, he managed to attend regular English-speaking classes in a matter of months.  As he learned more about this incredible country, he became captivated by its greatness, its love for God, and its liberty.  Eventually Alvaro’s new adoptive American father taught him about the endless opportunities this country had to offer, and the importance of service to building strong communities.  Alvaro came to believe that in America you could make your dreams come true if you just worked hard .  Alvaro completed high school at 17, completed his general education courses in nine months at Pasadena City College, and by age 20 had graduated from UCLA with degrees in political science and history.

La Canada Flintridge, Pasadena, Altadena, Arcadia and six other cities form this heavily Democratic district in Los Angeles County. But  with Alvaro’s articulate message and go get ’em spirit,you never know!

He is endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association;  iCaucus ; the Mayor of Arcadia, Peter Almunson ; and California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore amongst many others

My motto is: “Never support, vote for, or advocate the passing of bills that promote the misuse of taxpayer money.”

As your representative in the state assembly, my mission will be to stop this mockery of California families, small businesses, students, and hard-working taxpayers affected by these irresponsible policies. Unlike many state legislators who believe that overspending, selling bonds, borrowing money, and increasing taxes are the answer to our problems, I propose a simple rule: Never spend beyond our means, and always use public funds wisely.  By using legitimate cost analysis, we can reduce spending on unnecessary programs and develop realistic expectations, while avoiding indebting Californians in perpetuity. At the same time, we need to reduce taxes, encourage investment, and bring more jobs to our state

As ICaucus says in their endorsement ~

Alvaro is an example of a new generation of young people who aspire to lead this country on principles of integrity, personal responsibility, and hard work, qualities he developed at an early age.

Motivated by the desire to give back to a country that has done so much for him, Alvaro has been working hard to develop a platform that includes cutting taxes to encourage entrepreneurship and job creation, balancing the budget, and fixing our schools. His efforts are focused on concrete steps specifically tailored to the needs of the state of California and the 44th State Assembly District, which he will represent with integrity and honesty if giving the opportunity.

So, go visit his webpage and contribute to his campaign if you can. He’s the future of California.

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