In A New York Minute, @Popaditch Is In It! #CA51 #catcot

Gunny Nick Popaditch, candidate for Congress in the California 51st is in New York all day and is not wasting a New York minute!

Nick starts off his day on the Dennis Miller radio show.  It just so happens that Nick and Dennis are in New York at the same time.  You can catch Nick live online here : ! The show runs from 7-10 a.m. Pacific Time and Nick is expected to be on in the 9:00 hour.  Other guests include the GOP Whip, Eric Cantor;  California Congressman and Chief Deputy Republican Whip in the House, Kevin McCarthy; Actress Megyn Price and the forever young Jack Lalanne! You can call the show at 866-509-7268.

Next, Nick will be on the John Batchelor Radio Program live from 4:00 to 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time. John Batchelor is on WABC but streams from several affiliates. I am verifying the ” listen live”  link and will update this post before airtime!

Last but not least, Nick will once again appear on Fox’s Redeye Program.  He will be in studio for the entire show!  I know who the other guests are but I dare not post it until @RedeyeFNC does !  Trust me, this is going to be a blast!  I know my  twitter friends are going to love this man as much as I do and I am counting on you to help me elect the Gunny!   In case you have not heard, he is running in MY home district, the California 51st, so this one, is personal! I will be out there tweeting Redeye with the usual suspects, but if you cannot stay up until 12:00 Pacific Time, Please record this show! A note to the die-hards: I know how much you hate being interrupted with pesky plea’s for money during the show so, please donate early and often! I am not beyond money bombing DURING Redeye, as wrong as I know this is!

UPDATE: I can now announce that Nick will be on the #redeye panel along with S.E. Cupp and Jim Norton!

All elections are National and this is an important district! I have linked  prior posts on Nick Popaditch below with much pertinent data but here is one telling example of the importance of this race. The California 51st Congressional district has the longest stretch of the California, Mexico border of any district in the U.S. and the incumbent, Bob Filner, voted NO on the border fence!

Please tune in to one, or all of the above shows, read the prior posts on Nick Popaditch, tweet me @hipEchik for any additional information and help me FLIP THIS HOUSE by donating to the Popaditch campaign.  I know as well as anyone how difficult this economy is, but every little bit helps. Even if you can only give a few dollars, please do!   Let’s elect the Gunny!  Thank you!



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