“Babs Knows Best” on Defense: C17 Edition

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“The way you should approach the military budget is to decide what is our biggest threat and what we need to meet that threat,” Boxer said. “I’ve decided that my guide will be the admirals and generals who ask for the funding. Senator Barbara Boxer

When it comes to defense spending, Barbara Boxer is all over the map.

For decades the California senator proudly reminded voters of her vocal opposition to military intervention and “wasteful and unnecessary defense spending”. But changing times demand changing methods. With her job security threatened by opponent Carly Fiorina, Boxer is singing a decidedly different tune:

During the first two weeks of the August congressional recess, Boxer visited a veterans hospital in Palo Alto to tout a new mental health unit, held a public event with Japanese American World War II veterans, spoke at the delivery ceremony of the 201st C-17 cargo plane and attended a groundbreaking at a child-care center at Vandenberg Air Force Base where she announced her participation in a new Senate caucus focusing on military families….That emphasis stands in contrast with some of her past races.

Boxer began her political career as an anti-war activist and endeared herself to core Democratic voters with her advocacy against the first Gulf War and her vote against the invasion of Iraq, which she has described as her “proudest moment.” In her 1992 campaign, a year when she advocated chopping defense spending in half, her television ads highlighted how she had exposed pricey purchases by the Pentagon in the mid-1980s that included $7,622 coffee pots.

In the 1990s Boxer campaigned on her record of eliminating “wasteful” defense spending from the budget. Military might, she maintained, was not the key to a strong national defense. Changing times demanded drastic cuts to the defense budget and the redirection of American tax dollars to domestic programs:

“If we cannot take care of our children, it doesn’t matter how many tanks or missiles we have; we won’t be a strong nation,” Boxer said in an interview.

This is hardly a surprising position for a progressive from California, but it begs the question: why does a Senator who vehemently opposed the use of military power for decades want to force taxpayers to buy an enormously expensive cargo plane the military neither wants nor needs?

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