Another Democrat’s Shameful Racism; Calling Loretta Sanchez out!

What did you expect from the party of Obama/Pelosi/Reid?

Democrats are generally high-minded–can’t we all just get along?–until they are in danger of losing. Then the truth comes out. Loretta Sanchez is a liberal California Democrat who poses as a moderate. This year, she faces a strong challenge from Republican Van Tran. Sanchez’s polling must be turning negative, because she has launched–in Spanish–a racist attack against Van Tran and his supporters.

Prepare to be disgusted as you see this liberal Democrat fire up her Spanish-speaking base by telling them that “the Vietnamese and the Republicans are trying to take away this seat.”

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Interesting Sanchez calling Van Tran (legal immigrant) anti-immigrant for being against illegal immigration! Imagine that? Someone who waited in line being resentful of those who cut the line?

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