Don’t Call Her Ma’am. She’s Too Dumb To Spell It Phonetically.

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Well, he wasn't impeached, so...

“We don’t tell men that if they want to make sure their, can buy insurance coverage through their pharmaceutical plan for Viagra that they can’t do it. No, we don’t do that, and I wouldn’t support that. It would be wrong. Well, it’s wrong to single out women and to say to women of this country, they can’t use their own private funds to purchase insurance that covers the whole range of reproductive health care,” Boxer said on the Senate floor.

– Senator Barbara Boxer comparing abortions to Viagra. (HT: Blogger In Chief)

It takes a special kind of courage to keep going. To get on the short bus every morning and cope with her unique subset of mental impairments is just amazing. For her to face the ridicule of her professional colleges is an indictment of American Society. It makes me want to ask the important and burning questions. Questions like “How in the heck did this sub-sapient gibbon ever get elected to several consecutive terms in the United States Senate?”

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Differently Able Senator Barbara Boxer. No, there is no return policy. I wash my hands. You’re stuck with her. Team America will buy out the remainder of her contract, but we ain’t taking her back. If only this were true….

Barbara Boxer represents California in The US Senate. I’m sure several Californians would like to punch me in the nose for such a statement. I should rephrase it somewhat. Senator Barbara Boxer rose to political prominence in California. Perhaps, The Golden State is a land where stupidity and dishonesty do not get you pulled out of the gene pool by Charles Darwin’s poltergeist. I know of no other explanation for Barbara Boxer’s professional success.

Predictably, Barbara Boxer gets along quite well with partisan ally and fellow philosopher, Congresswoman Maxine Waters. According to Jim Geraghty, Boxer pays money to Maxine’s daughter in return for being featured prominently on Maxine Waters’ sample ballot. Geraghty describes the pay for play below.

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