Could Mattie Fein Become California’s Christine O’Donnell?

The truth is, once conservatives get the Democrat Party minimized, we’re coming for the squishy GOP leaders too. And they know it.

Via Stacy McCain;

I don’t know if Mattie Fein ever dabbled in witchcraft, but she is certainly tired of being dissed by the same Republican establishment types who are running down the Delaware GOP Senate candidate:

Karl Rove’s now-infamous disparagement of Christine O’Donnell has provoked one Republican congressional candidate to go public with her criticisms of GOP leadership.
Mattie Fein, who won a three-way primary and is challenging Democrat Rep. Jane Harman in California’s 36th District, says she has been “snubbed” by National Republican Congressional Committee staff. . . .

As she explained in her guest editorial column last week, the attitude Mattie Fein has encountered among the GOP elite in California is a microcosm of what O’Donnell is facing in Delaware: A go-along-to-get-along idea among GOP leaders who refuse to challenge liberal Democrats head-on. When they can’t hand-pick their favorite “respectable” RINOs, the elite refuse to lift a finger for a Tea Party-backed conservative who actually wins the primary. [My bolding]

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