Andy Vidak, candidate for California’s 20th Congressional District

Andy Vidak, California’s 20th Congressional District

Over at RedState Congressman Kevin McCarthy (CA CD22) has a post up about  Andy Vidak, a Central Valley cherry farmer,who is running against Jim Costa. We all remember Jim Costa, don’t we?…one of those Dem turncoats who sold out California agriculture last spring for a photo-op with Senator “Don’t call me ma’am ” Boxer. Where they “announced” they had worked so hard to get the pumps turned back on in the Delta, so California farmer’s would be able to grow the food we all eat? The water that was turned off A WEEK LATER, with much less fanfare? That Jim Costa!!

This is Andy Vidak

I have the real life expertise in the area of water to bring sense to this issue and the skills and commitment to work with others to get results and lasting solutions. I believe strongly in the principals of the free market, fiscal responsibility and limited government. By bringing honesty, accountability and common sense back to Washington your voice will be heard and we will provide opportunity and security for our communities long into the future

So get over to RedState, and then go visit Andy Vidak’s campaign page!

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