Four states prepare legal assault on California’s climate law

Nothing California has done in recent memory has done more damage to the economy than AB32. In November, we have to vote for Prop 23 to at least delay the idiocy.

Via Steve Franks;

North Dakota AG Wayne StenehjemNorth Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem

The attorneys general of at least four states are preparing to sue California if the state’s landmark law limiting greenhouse gas emissions survives a challenge at the ballot box this November.

The attorneys general of Alabama, Nebraska, Texas and North Dakota have been devising a legal strategy to challenge the California act, signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2006, on the grounds that it interferes with the right to freely conduct interstate commerce, according to Wayne Stenehjem, the attorney general of North Dakota.

“We are going to test the limits of how much you can constrain interstate commerce in the name of climate change,” Stenehjem said.

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