Van Tran (R-Cand CA-47 vs. Loretta Sanchez) gets a boost from KFI’s John and Ken

On Tuesday’s John and Ken show on KFI Los Angeles, during the 5pm hour (the “Tax Revolt” portion of their show), Van Tran got a plug by John Kobylt;

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You can help Van Tran give Loretta Sanchez here.

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3 Responses to Van Tran (R-Cand CA-47 vs. Loretta Sanchez) gets a boost from KFI’s John and Ken

  1. RetiredChiefHall says:

    Retired Chief Andrew Hall now, and these are my personal views and do not represent the City of Westminster or Westminster Police Department: No matter what you may think of republicans, democrats or Congressperson Sanchez, she has not bred and mentored a following of disturbing staff members to extend the reach and depth of misconduct. Simply Google-search Andy Quach or Tyler (Truong) Diep and see how pervasive their problematic behavior extends beyond Van. KEEP IN MIND, you will only learn what’s already been printed and is a matter of public record. An ongoing investigation, for example, will not be available for you to review. It is time to STOP allowing the wonderful and proud community of Little Saigon to be defined by Van Tran, Andy Quach and Tyler Diep. They bring shame on themselves, their families and their supporters.

    • Congrats on your retirement.
      If you have something specific in the way of charges to level against Van Tran, I’d suggest you provide the links rather than make us scramble around. We’re not a news organization here, we’re conservative activists.
      Now if you have proof that Van Tran will somehow be worse for our country than Loretta Sanchez, bring it on. Will he support Nancy Pelosi in passing more “Easter egg” legislation that we have to “pass to see what’s in it”? Is he going to vote for an idiotic Cap and Tax bill that’ll drive the cost of everything in America up?

      As to whatever “ongoing investigation” there may be that we’re not privy to, are you suggesting there may be an October Surprise? Wouldn’t surprise me something will be “alleged” around then.

  2. Note: I did Google as the Chief suggested, and found that the Chief is currently “Chief” of Staff for State Senator Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana).

    No liberal bias there…

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