Their folks vs. Our folks in Pasadena

It’s a bit of an apples/oranges comparison, although both events involved precinct walks.  Same day, 9/11, 2 events by opposing parties only about 6 miles apart in the Pasadena, CA area.  OFA (Organizing for America, Obama’s online campaign organization) sent out tens of thousands of emails to the LA metro area vs our own email list of a few thousand in CD 29 – both events promoted over about the same period.

We were curious, so we sent someone by.

OFA attendance:
(note Obama sign at extreme right, click to enlarge)

(and thanks to our operative who missed most of the Colbert rally to check in on OFA)

Colbert Rally attendance:
(after our precinct walk, this is about half the crowd present; click to enlarge)

This is not a reason to get complacent and assume we have it won… but it is the kind of encouragement that we like to share with each other.

Enjoy. Share.


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