As we approach Election Day, Team #catcot is amping up our efforts in California and we are requesting your assistance!

We are attempting to capture as many posts that contain California related issues, topics and candidates’ information as possible. By tagging a post with #catcot, it will enhance our ability to find a post or tweet and get the word out.  Remember, there is strength in numbers.  The hash tag is an effective tool in locating specific information.  This is particularly true when it is whittled down to “all things California” (or whatever your cause may be.)

We are asking that everyone please use the #catcot hash tag on all tweets, blog posts etc. that pertain to California politics, issues and candidates.  This request is directed at both California and non California tweeps and bloggers.   The reason for this appeal is purely functional. By tagging a tweet with #catcot, all California related pieces will be searchable on twitter via the web.  This, in turn, will cause the tweet to be easily found in “search” and more likely to be re-tweeted frequently.  The desired outcome is that all California related posts will be widely disseminated.  (Please do not forget Facebook, Email and, YES, even snail mail in addition to twitter in order to propagate the information!)  One last word on spreading the information and it is highly opinionated. I believe the original, copy and paste, style of re-tweeting to be a much more efficient and visible way of gathering attention to a post.  The twitter retweet button is effective for twitter, but much less conducive to helping a piece go “viral”.   Please consider this when re-tweeting!

If you are re-tweeting someone else and they did not tag the piece with the #catcot label, please amend it upon re-tweeting.  There really are no hard and fast rules or guidelines regarding tags, so we do not consider this to be “altering tweets”.  Some tweeps use more tags than others and some use none. When used as described above, hash tags are quite helpful!

Additionally, when posting/tweeting about a candidate or representative, please try to add the district number the candidate is running in or representing. For instance, a tweet about Nick Popaditch could be written or re-tweeted and then the hash tags #Ca51 and #catcot can be added.  One example might read:   “Help us, help Gunny Nick @popaditch charge that hill #CA51 #catcot .”  (By the way, feel free to copy and paste that tweet as often as you like!)

Keep in mind that there may not be space for both the district and the #catcot tag. As stated, there are no steadfast rules in this regard, so if 140 characters are an issue, please forgo all others and us the #catcot tag!  Hash tagging seems to be a personal choice. We know people who loathe them, and we see tweeps adding every tag they can fit into the tweet. We are not trying to stifle your freedom or creativity. We are simply asking that you please use the #catcot tag liberally!  For the record, #catcot is an acronym for “California Top Conservatives on Twitter.”

Speaking of hard core hash taggers, the following tweet from @ChuckDevore is my favorite on the topic of hash tags. It also demonstrates his sense of humor. I hope you find it as funny as I do.

” @presjpolk What do you mean I overdo #hashtags? #CASen #sgp #tcot #gop #right #teaparty #catcot #crp #cagop ####! ”

A couple of my experiences with tags left me pleasantly surprised.  On Memorial Day I posted a piece about the last living Medal of Honor recipient who had passed away in San Diego. I did not tag it, but upon re-tweet, @CalebHowe added the #rs (redstate) tag, and my tweet wound up on the front page of  Another time, I tagged a piece about baseball with the #mlb (major league baseball) hash tag, and it found its way to an ESPN feed! These are the things that “wanna be” writers dream of!

Tagging on Twitter is a personal choice. We hope that you please consider team #catcot’s request as above, so that we can search for CA related posts. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.  I know many of you, including candidates, use a variety of twitter apps such as Tweetdeck, Seesmic etc.  I am not sure how or even if you can search from these applications. I do know that you can search via the web for any hash tag including the all important #catcot! If you need assistance in learning how to use search, please do not hesitate to tweet or dm me.

Finally, if you are a California Conservative, please tweet me, @hipEchik as I am building a #catcot list. We have much work to do in preparation for this election.  We hope that you are assisting a candidate any way you can.  Even if all you can do is circulate #catcot related topics, it is greatly appreciated! Twitter Lists also can be quite functional. For example, I will be using my #catcot list to spam tweeps with this post! If you are not on this list and are a California conservative, please tweet or, dm me. Here is my list: ! Please help me grow it!  Finally, on the topic of lists, the tweeps included in this #catcot list also serve as my #FollowFriday recommendations today! A note to candidates, Fridays are the WORST day to hold a money bomb due to all the traffic created by the #FollowFriday shouts!  But I digress, and am going to pen a piece later this evening directed at assisting candidates with twitter.

The problems in our State are many, the days until this all important election are numbered and we need help in California. Please become a tagger! Tag it with #catcot! We understand that not all will agree with the opinions expressed in this piece. We are merely requesting this be done, at least until Election Day! California is going to be challenging. We need all the help we can garner! Team #catcot thanks you!

All elections are National! Let’s Flip This House! #catcot

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