The Left Coast Resistance

Seems we are not alone here in California in our desire to replace the Dems in the US Congress and here in the California Legislature. Over at The War Planner’s blog not only is he working to take out Boxer and Pelosi, but he understands the magnitude of the job ahead of us.

I still say we cannot afford to phone this one in. Conservative commentators and pundits were at first cautious about predicting the angry tidal wave vote that would sweep incumbents congress out of office but are on board with the cheery predictions. Of course, this will only heighten expectations to a degree that anything less than a 75-seat wipe-out would seem like a moral victory for Democrats.

He points out that while the Dems are scared, losing donors( you can already see where they are demonizing groups like the US Chamber of Commerce for running ads unfavorable to Boxer!) they are looking for their best-case scenario. Which would be to split the open seats and pick up some of the currently Republican held ones. It may not look encouraging for them, but they aren’t going to give up either.

But neither are we.

Go visit The War Planner’s blog, and let him know we’re all ready to firewall it all the way to NOvember. We need the win, our Republican candidates need the win, the Country needs the win.

But the Dems don’t plan on going out easily.

Get out and support our Republican candidates in any and every way you can.

The War Planner ~

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