Boots on The Ground Needed for Gunny Nick @Popaditch #CA51 #catcot

We are looking for more patriots to hit the streets and get the word out about Nick!  We need precinct walkers and we are looking for one or more leaders to champion the latest activity:

The Card Table Campaign!

The idea here is to have a simple presence at shopping malls and the Chula Vista Farmers Market on a regular basis.  This is simple, low effort way to increase visibility and name recognition for Nick.

For more information, please contact Dara B. at

Thank you!

You can find additional information on this Warrior for Congress here :

Please check out Bob Filner’s voting record here :

Please follow Nick on Twitter : @Popaditch

Nick Popaditch on Facebook :

Nick Popaditch on YouTube :

Please donate here:

Let’s help the Gunny “CHARGE THAT HILL” !

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