Too Late for the Democrats to Run Away

Good stuff from Tom Del Beccaro;

PhotobucketWhat a difference a year makes in the character of Democrats.  In 2009, the Democrats in Congress were believing press accounts about the demise of the Republicans Party and the conservative movement.  Amidst those false tailwinds, the Congressional Democrats took on America and its institutions.  As the 2010 midterms approach, however, many of those same Democrats have turned tail and are running away from Pelosi, Reid and Obama amidst headlines like:  “Democrats seek separation from Nancy Pelosi.”  Unfortunately for them, it is too late to run away.

Former Republican Congressman J.C. Watts famously said that “Character is doing what’s right when nobody’s looking.”  Watts, of course, was assuming that when the whole world was looking even politicians would do what was right.  In 2009, the whole world was looking at the Democrats.  Would they build a new level of consensus by charting a middle course?  Or would they follow Reagan’s paradigm that Democrats campaign in the middle and govern on the Left?

Sure enough, Reagan proved right and the Democrats proved arrogant.  According to Eric Cantor, a leading Republican in the House, Obama told him “elections have consequences…and Eric, I won” when discussing tax policy. Cantor also says Obama once told Republican leaders to “stop listening to Rush Limbaugh…and do what’s right for the people.”

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How’s that “most ethical Congress” turning out for Pelosi now?

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2 Responses to Too Late for the Democrats to Run Away

  1. Valerie Curl says:

    Cantor was wrong then and he’s wrong now. Dems may be behind in the polls, but Repub policies were and are still wrong for the American people. For example, the new HCR law just saved me over $600/mo for an individual policy. No state or fed subsidy. Better coverage at a much lower cost. Tell me how that’s a loser for the people?

    • Because it will bankrupt our nation. Care to explain how exactly Cantor is wrong? Or better yet, where is Paul Ryan wrong?
      Curious how it saved you money when it doesn’t even kick in till 2014?
      Maybe this is what you’d like to have in government run healthcare, I’ll pass and fight you all the way.

      In 2007, 239 patients died of malnutrition in British hospitals, the latest year for which figures are available. A wag might say it must be the English cuisine. But the real roots of this tragedy lie in Britain’s government-run medical system, which tells us something about what we might expect from ObamaCare in the years ahead.

      A British charity, Age U.K., has been seeking for years to raise awareness of the issue. Yet despite increases in screening, training and inspection programs, the problem has only gotten worse. The charity reports that in 2007-2008 148,946 Britons entered hospitals suffering from malnutrition and 157,175 left in that state, meaning that hospitals released 8,229 people worse-off nutritionally than when they entered. In 2008-2009, that figure was up to 10,443.

      The problem is not a lack of food. Hospital malnutrition mostly affects the elderly or otherwise frail, who often need individualized mealtime assistance. Spoon-feeding the elderly may not seem like the best use of a nurse’s time, but for some it may literally be a matter of life and death. Yet the constant scarcities created by government medicine, along with the never-ending drive to trim costs, has led the National Health Service to give nurses additional responsibilities and powers in recent years. Inevitably, this leaves them with less time to make sure patients are getting fed.


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