David Harmer (Cand CA-11) up slightly, Van Tran (Cand CA-47) down slightly

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Jim Geraghty at NRO has the latest poll numbers for West Coast House races, but the key California races are a mix;

CA-11: “Despite Representative Jerry McNerney having 93 percent name ID (with a 41 to 34 percent favorable-unfavorable rating) compared to challenger David Harmer’s 47 percent (19 to 8 percent favorable), Harmer currently leads McNerney on the ballot by a razor-thin 45 to 44 percent margin.”

CA-47: “Despite Representative Loretta Sanchez having 96 percent name ID (with a 46 to 44 percent favorable-unfavorable rating) compared to challenger Van Tran’s 67 percent (26 to 18 percent favorable), Sanchez leads on the ballot by just a 45 to 43 percent margin.”

Close enough races to demand some hard work from us. Van Tran has a Phone Bank operation in Santa Ana today, and in looking for the information, I see a huge gaping tech hole that isn’t limited to Van Tran’s site.

Just discussing with Tish who is actually AT the Van Tran phone bank right now. I’m here looking for the location, not on his website that I could find. Twitter was last updated last Wednesday, no mention of a phone bank, nor could I find it on Facebook. The only thing I can assume is there’s a piece of paper in their new campaign office tacked to the wall.

Any suggestions as to how we can get these candidates up to OFA level someday? Every campaign seems to have to re-invent the wheel to get the word out. I’m sure I saw a Candidate Class being taught by the CAGOP, isn’t this included?

Big hole to fill in just this one campaign, how can we help?

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