Okay, I can’t take this anymore. Fiorina, snap out of it!

Somebody on the Team Carly is blowing it badly if their advice to her is “Wait for more polling data before you say anything for or against Prop. 23.”

I’ve honestly taken a wait and see attitude with regards to Fiorina, I mean it’s no secret I was firmly in the DeVore court during the primaries, and I’ve had a tough time being nice, but Boxer has got to go, therefore anyone is preferable. So I can shut up, or take swipes at Boxer, and ignore Carly. And I should. But…this;

Carly Fiorina gladly accepted the endorsement of the anti-tax Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association today, noting she has signed a pledge never to raise taxes if she becomes U.S. senator.

But the Republican who seeks to unseat Democratic incumbent U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer didn’t endorse the Jarvis group’s big cause on this November’s ballot, passage of Proposition 23, the initiative to suspend California’s law to curtail greenhouse gases. The Jarvis organization talks about the initiative here.

The former Hewlett-Packard chief executive officer made clear that she is no fan of AB 32, the 2006 law embraced by many Silicon Valley venture capitalists who believe the measure could help transform California’s economy by encouraging growth in green technology.

Fiorina doesn’t seem to share that optimism. Stopping at the Sacramento offices of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, Fiorina said in answer to a reporter’s question about Proposition 23:

“AB 32–studies that have been done certainly suggest that in the short term, it will destroy jobs. I think that is worth taking into account in the middle of a deep recession where we have 21 counties with unemployment above 15 percent.”

Will she vote for Proposition 23? the reporter pressed.

“I haven’t yet taken a formal position on Proposition 23. But I think common sense would tell us that you don’t rush forward with AB 32 when you know it is destroying jobs in the short term.”

But will she take a position before the November election? the reporter persisted.

“Do we have other questions?”


Huh? HUH??

The answer is simple, Fiorina;

Carly Fiorina, (standing in front of American flag): “YES, I stand with common sense conservatives across California in favor of Prop 23, and against the job killing nonsense of Barbara Boxer’s friends. [bat eyelashes] [smile] Yes on Proposition 23.”

Dang it. If she even knows what Prop 23 is, then it should be a no-brainer. Boxer knows what it is, she’s against it. Why? Because she’s a leftist. If you’re a “lifelong conservative”, then get with the program. AB 32 is killing jobs in California.

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  1. teripeters says:

    As another staunch Devore supporter, I too have held my piece, but Erick is right. Fiorina must take a firm stand on Proposition 23. She is the Republican Nominee but this is no guaranteed win. Ms. Fiorina should know that there are many people on the fence regarding whether they are going to stay home in November as opposed to voting for her. I am not one of them, but her “I have no formal position” on this all important issue is not helping her cause. Basically, if Boxer is FOR it, you should be against it! Further to this, I am not happy with her support of the “Dream Act”. Yes, Carly, there are conservatives in CA. Please be one!

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