See one, shoot it, send it in! Congressman @DarrellIssa asks for a sign!


Congressman Issa, #CA49, continues to be “A Thorn in President Obama’s Side”. One of his latest projects is tackling the ARRA,  (Stimulus)  signs that we have all become accustomed to seeing.

Congressman Issa, a rare warrior from California, is asking that we shoot pictures of the “Stimulus Signs”, including their location, and email them to :

Here are some samples of “Stimulus Propaganda Signs” that the Congressman has posted on his twitter page (@DarrellIssa).

Considering all that Congressman Issa  has tackled for us, I thought I would comply.  As you can see, my first attempt failed as miserably as the Stimulus itself :


I fully intend to re-shoot the sign that mocks me and send it,  per Congressman Issa’s request. I urge you to do the same!

Undaunted, I headed into downtown Chula Vista to the offices of Nick Popaditch.  As you hopefully know, Popaditch is running against Bob Filner in California’s 51st Congressional district.  Upon my arrival,  I was greeted by this creative signage:


Between Congressman Issa’s continued vigilance for us and the intent of electing Nick Popaditch in my home district, the signs in SoCal are becoming clearer!

We are now two months away from what is arguably the most important election of our lives.  Now is the time to turn words into action.  Support the incumbents such as Darrell Issa who have continuously fought for us and get involved in the campaigns of warriors of the future, such as Gunny Nick Popaditch!

The Signs are here in SoCal but we must not be apathetic!  “Let’s Flip This House”

Please visit Congressman Issa’s site for additional information on this incredible incumbent :

Please visit Nick Popaditch’s site for additional information on this awesome candidate :

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