California Senate dumps Grocery Bag tax; though some good things failed as well

The plastic grocery bag ban liberal Democrats had their hearts set on died a third time as the legislative session wound up;

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ — A broad coalition of Californians, including the California State Conference of the NAACP, the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the California Manufacturers and Technology Association, and the American Chemistry Council, today applauded the California State Senate as it rejected a bill to ban plastic bags and place a hidden tax on paper bags.

The Bill, AB 1998, threatened 1,000 well-paying manufacturing jobs for hard-working Californians, placed a hidden tax on grocery bills and created a $4 million new state bureaucracy.

“We congratulate Senate members for discarding a costly bill that provides no real solutions to California’s litter problem and would have further jeopardized California’s already strained economy,” said Tim Shestek, senior director of State Affairs for the American Chemistry Council.

“Plastic bag makers look forward to working with grocers, legislators and environmental groups to develop workable, effective legislation that enables consumer choice, promotes recycling education and encourages a healthy environment and economy,” Shestek said.

Truth be told, there’s no real proof there’s even a major environmental impact to wildlife caused by the bags, other than they float thru the air when escaping from garbage trucks and make liberals angry.

Another bill which failed, AB 1581, would have made it quicker to get businesses up and running in business unfriendly California by waiving some environmental review procedures for businesses doing major remodeling and alterations, or moving into vacant stores. Obviously, the “evil WalMart” couldn’t be allowed to create jobs…

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