San Francisco Laborers’ Union Raises Arizona as Fear Tactic for GOTV

Via our good friends at LaborUnionReport;

It is probably safe to say that California will never ever be Arizona. For one thing the tarnished Golden State has beaches.  And, for another, California has California Über Alles Jerry Brown.

Those simple facts, however, that didn’t dissuade the Laborers’ union from trying to trash Arizona as it urged its members to Get Out the Vote:

LiUNA!, Local 261 Business Manager Ramon Hernandez announced the Laborers’ Union Precinct walk campaign and GOTV effort. The completion of the State Laborers and Local Union endorsement process (which included a withdrawn endorsement of Jeff Adachi for Public Defender,) Following a discussion with union membership at the general membership meeting Hernandez advised that

“This is it! This is the BIG ONE! If Meg Whitman is successful at defeating Jerry Brown, and Jeff Adachi beats our public sector membership on November 2, we will be at the beginning of a significant downturn for Labor. It’s gonna look like Arizona real quick guys.”


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