Rasmussen on California: Whitman and Boxer up

Via Neil Stevens;

Rasmussen Reports has two new polls out: one on the race for Governor between Democrat Jerry Brown and Republican Meg Whitman, and the other on the Senate race between Democrat Barbara Boxer and Republican Carly Fiorina.

I don’t think the results they show are compatible. If one is right, I think the other is wrong.

When Rasmussen showed Boxer ahead of Fiorina by 5 with leaners, 49-44 (which isn’t a deterioration for Fiorina because without leaners she’s as close as she’s been in the Rasmussen poll, 44-43), Margin of Error 4, I wasn’t surprised. It still gives the Republican a one in four chance of being ahead per my calculations, but I don’t expect Fiorina to make any moves until later.

But after seeing that poll for Senate, the poll for Governor did surprise me. Whitman up 8 with and without leaners? Ahead 51-43 with? That’s not what I expected. While I show a 26% chance for Fiorina, I only find 16% for the former two-term Governor Brown Jr.
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3 Responses to Rasmussen on California: Whitman and Boxer up

  1. PSmith says:

    I can see why there is a difference. Whitman didn’t have a lot of conservatives voting for Poizner and as dedicated to him as DeVore supporters.

    DeVore supporters have seen dirty dealings with Fiorina, that is why they will not vote for her. I for one will vote for a Libertarian or third party candidate. I don’t like it when someone tries to denigrate a serviceman’s record or set up a false group to make charges against their opponent just weeks before the campaign knowing they are false and just trying smear him before the primary.

    For those of us who have convictions and principles, just those two issues alone separate us from the crowd. I hear, WE won’t win if you vote for a third party. My question is, WHO is WE? The (R) party. I’m not a Republican. I’m an independent with an independent mind and a set of convictions that cannot be bought with the party fear tactics. NO WE the people lose if Fiorina wins. She’s even more dangerous than Boxer. Boxer is nothing more than a safe vote for the Democrats. Fiorina, on the other hand, has her group of cronies in Washington D.C, despite her claims of not being an D.C. insider. Those cronies, starting with Cornyn, moving to Graham who gives us Kagan and amnesty, Snowe who gave us the health care bill, and all of the other ‘reach across the isle’ Rinos will be far more dangerous in supporting her and backing her RINO legislation.

    IF they call me for polling, they’ll get the same result maybe even worse.

    • Not me, even though I don’t like Fiorina, I dislike Boxer more. Getting rid of her is my main goal. I will hold my nose and vote for Fiorina, as it is the only way to vote against Boxer. Any other vote would make me feel like I was voting for Ross Perot all over again.

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