Whose hand? In what cookie jar? Rep Maxine Waters explains, it’s all a misunderstanding…

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Progressive Connections: Rep. Maxine Waters’ Voter Guide Operation Connects California Politicians To Her Daughter’s Bank Account

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Los Angeles, will soon stand trial before the Office of Congressional Ethics over charges that she improperly requested a meeting with Treasury officials for OneUnited Bank. Her husband owns stock in the ailing bank and served as a director until just a few months before Waters took her controversial actions. Extensive media coverage has focused on OneUnited’s success at getting an infusion of TARP money, which prevented her husband’s bank stock from becoming worthless.

A more private Waters family business interest has generally escaped the media’s recent attention. Federal campaign records reveal that, since 2005, Congresswoman Waters’ campaign committees have paid more than $350,000 – and currently claim to owe another $82,000 – in management fees to an entity known as “Progressive Connections.” Don’t bother looking online for detailed information about Progressive Connections, as this firm doesn’t aggressively advertise. Records reveal that Progressive Connections is the fictitious business name used by Maxine Waters’ daughter, Karen Waters.

Rep. Waters has for many years operated a slate mail business that personally benefits her daughter. In each election cycle, Waters releases a voter guide featuring her picture and a list of candidates she endorses and ballot measures she supports. Candidates and ballot measure committees pay to be listed on the guide. Until the 2004 election, Karen Waters ran the operation through a state committee called L.A. Vote.

Starting with the 2004 cycle, Maxine Waters’ federal campaign committees have taken responsibility for collecting the checks from candidates appearing on the guide. They also pay the bills for producing and mailing the guide. Every cycle, one of the largest bills is Karen Waters’ management fee. Sometimes it’s the largest bill. The Waters committee confirmed in an FEC report just weeks ago that the operation has continued right up through the 2010 primary season. Indeed, the June 2010 primary saw huge payments by a few candidates to appear on the voter guide.
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Did I mention there’s an alternative candidate to Maxine Waters in CA-35? Check out Bruce Brown, then lend him your support.

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