Rep. Duncan Hunter on securing our borders.

Via Carol Greenberg;

Congressman Duncan Hunter, (R-CA #52) represents San Diego county. He tells us on this video about the enormous challenges his state and county face as a result of illegal immigration. Taxpayers in California alone spend billions of dollars annually to subsidize illegals while smugglers continue to move freely between California and Mexico.

But other states, Texas and Arizona in particular face the same challenges. Let’s listen in:

Congressman Hunter tells us he has introduced the “Sanctuary City Prevention Act” in an attempt to stop US AG Eric Holder from challenging the Arizona Immigration law, which could take a lot of time to adjudicate. This act would require Holder to stop challenging the Arizona law until he sets forth a plan which would require sanctuary cities to adhere to the existing law.

In conclusion he states the federal government can no longer overlook its obligation to secure the border and enforce immigration laws in our communities and work places.

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